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Welcome to Romance Writer2Writer
- devoted strictly to all things romance!

If you're interested in fiction writing, specifically romance writing, this site is exactly what you need.

Some Romance Facts:

55% of all fiction sold worldwide is romance.
(Yes, even with the GFC!)

Around 90% of novels submitted for publication are rejected BECAUSE the authors didn't learn the fundamentals of writing romance novels. 

You're already ahead of the game simply because you've come here to learn the techniques of romance fiction writing.

(Give yourself a pat on the back!!)

Romance Writing Courses

Those who write romance need to understand the specifics of the genre. Romance is a very specialised area of writing, and if you want your romance stories published, you must understand the genre completely.


Resources for Romance Writers

There is a wide range of romance specific books available, and you'll find a good range here.


Links for Romance Writers

Links for research purposes, romance writer's websites, and other assorted links of interest.


Romance Publishers

Links to a number of romance publishers, including a handful of reputable small-press publishers.



Writer2Writer Ezine

This award-winning ezine has been published since 2003, and continues to grow in both strength and subscribers.

Each issue contains at least one original article - written specifically for this newsletter -  including articles about writing romance.

We have our own romance columnist, who is a multi-published romance author. Each article contains tips, tricks, and insider information on romance writing.

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Easy Way to Write Romance - by Rob Parnell