5 Simple Gestures to
Turn Up the Romance




When you love someone, there are a lot of things that you are willing to do for them. Sometimes, telling someone that you love them is not enough. There are 5 gestures that you can use that are perfect for showing affection and being romantic. 

1. Help Complete Tasks 

Your significant other may have a to-do list that is longer than Santa's nice and naughty list combined. One gesture that you can use to show affection and be romantic is to help get things done. Not only will doing this give you and your significant other an opportunity to spend time together, but you will be able to help and have spare time to do other things. Something as simple as helping to clean the bathroom or switch out all of the summer clothes with winter clothes is a major way that you can help and say I love you. 

2. Using Sweet Notes 

There is not a better gesture when it comes to saying I love you than hiding a sweet note for your significant other to find while they are at work or away from home. You can write a sweet note and place it in their briefcase or somewhere where they are sure to find it and read it. This is a perfect way to motivate your significant other and show how much you care. 

3. The Feeling of Home 

Another great gesture that you can use it making your love feel at home. Help your love see things from a "we", "us", and "our" point of view, instead of "me", and "mine". There are several ways that you can make your love feel at home. You can cook and decorate to increase the homey feeling for your mate.  It’s nice to also set aside a time for a romantic “movie” date at home.  If you don’t have a big video selection at home check out DirecTV on demand so you can pick up a new film from the comfort of home.  If you are looking to pick up DirecTV still review directselecttv.com for special offers on new subscriptions. 

4. Sending and Receiving Mail 

With the advances that have been made within technology over the years, the only thing that you receive through the mail are bills. Sending an email is easy and common, but sending a postcard or a love letter through the mail is a great way to say I love you. It's a good idea to color and customize the envelope to show that you spent time, thought and effort on the card. 

5. Public Display of Affection 

Publicly displaying affection for your love is the icing on the cake. Whether your significant other shows it or not, they could be dealing with low self-esteem issues. When you show them affection in public, this gives them a sense of security and shows them that you are proud to be with them. Holding hands, kissing, and generally being close in public can brighten up your partner's day and make them feel loved. 

These 5 gestures of affection to be romantic are great to use at any given time. You can mix and match these 5 gestures to create a world of romance and passion. There are a lot of different gestures that you can use in order to be romantic, but do not hesitate to create a special gesture of your own. Try to do one or two of these special gestures each week to let your love know that you care and be romantic. 


Easy Way to Write Romance - by Rob Parnell