Can a Sneak Peek
Help Your Book Sales
(Part One)

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If you’re an avid movie-goer, you’re probably a fan of the previews shown before each new release. It helps you decide the future movies you’ll see, sparks your interest, and makes you look forward to that release.

By now, everyone has heard about book trailers/book peeks/or whatever you want to call a teaser about your book. They’re supposed to act much like a movie trailer and entice readers to try your book. But do they work? And is there a quantifiable way to measure whether or not you’ll get a good return on your investment if you purchase one of these snazzy videos?

You could ask different people and get different answers to those questions. Some swear by the book videos, and others say they just don’t work. Having spent much time researching the subject, I can tell you the jury is still out. Some readers love them; others hate them. So deciding whether or not to use one is really up to you; however, you can do a short test-run to determine whether or not this is a viable marketing tool for you.

In this test-run, you’re going to create or have created a book video that you’re going to use for your newest book, and you’re going to utilize this video creatively. But first, there is one thing you must know: If you intend to make use of your book video to, hopefully, enhance your sales, you must make sure it is a high-quality, streamlined video. It can be cute, funny, whimsical, serious, dark, or whatever tone you choose, but you cannot skimp on quality and still attract readers. Does this mean you’re going to have to spend a lot of money? Not necessarily, especially since you’re going to first do a test run to see if these videos help your sales.


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About the Author:  Dawn Carrington is the editor-in-chief of Vinspire Publishing ( well as a published author.



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