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How many times have you visited a website only to discover it had not been updated in six months or even a year? How is a reader supposed to know you’re still writing if you don’t refresh your pages now and again? The mere existence of a website doesn’t give a reader much information.  

Any reader who visits your website wants to see recent information. They want to return a week later and see more news has been added. Why? Because you wouldn’t go to a grocery store week after week if you thought for one instant their stock had not been upgraded or they ran the same sales week in and week out. 

It’s all about creativity. Constantly changing your content will bring visitors back to your site and the article, 10 Website Essentials to Increase Your Sales which you can read here provides a list of excellent pointers, one of which is providing your visitors with fresh content on a continual basis. Ms. Lowery even lists several websites which provide free articles for publication on your website. So if you want to sell books, but you just don’t have time to pen articles as well, these places might be an excellent source for new content.

Here are some other helpful ideas to keep your website fresh: 

Add polls. Ask your readers what they think about something that’s important to you, or just ask them to vote for their favorite cover of yours. Post the winning cover on the front page of your website as a Reader Favorite. It’s a great way to keep visitors involved. 

Make sure your Twitter is integrated on your website so your updates are visible. Even if all you have time to do is update your Twitter, at least, you’ve made a minimal change to your website. 

Make sure you have a blog. Even if you only post two or three times a week, you can always update the front page of your website to let visitors know you’ve just recently updated your blog. 

What is going on in your life that you could append to your website? Are you taking a cooking class or a foreign language class? Give your readers some recipes or teach them how to say hello in French. 

Set up a separate Twitter account wherein you can include tips for something you’re interested in such as gardening. Integrate that account separate from your other account. If you constantly keep the tips flowing, there will always be something new for visitors to read. 

Even if you haven’t had a new release within the last six months, you can still find ways to keep your backlist current by adding reviews as they come in. (Every website should have a What’s New section.) Add author testimonials. If you don’t have any, what’s stopping you from sending that book out for some? 

Spend some time on Amazon to set up your profile there. Create lists and So You Want to guides. You can then link those to your website to let people know what you’re reading and watching. 

If you’ve had articles published, consider adding them to your website as a separate page. 

Keep a contest going at least once every other month. 

Add new things to your website every so often like Word of the Day or This Day in History. The Free also provides other free items you can include such as The Spelling Bee. 

The best thing to do when seeking to keep your website current is to make sure it’s interesting and will make someone want to return for another look! 



About the Author:  Dawn Carrington is the editor-in-chief of Vinspire Publishing ( well as a published author.



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