Links for Romance Writers


Lisa Gardner

This site is full of excellent articles - mostly geared up towards romantic suspense, but many that will help with other areas of romance too.

There are also two 'courses' that have eight or more modules - like the other resources at this site, they're all free.

Linore Rose Burkard

For all things Regency, look here.  This is an author site that lists a massive amount of Regency resources such as Regency Terms, clothings, articles, and more.

there's even an illustrated pdf dedicated to what a lady might wear to a ball, and what the lady's maid might do for her!

This is an incredibly informative site - allow plenty of time when visiting.

  All About Romance

A good site for romance writers - here you will find articles on writing romance, author interviews, and you can also request a review of your romance novel.

Karen A Fox

Karen has a comprehensive list of agents who are approved by the RWA and/or AAR. If you're looking for an agent, it's definitely worth taking a look. You will also find a number of writing tips, plus current market news.

Charlotte Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers

Articles, links, Q&A, writing prompts, research links, contests for romance writers, and much more. All specific to romance writers.

Blaze Authors

This is the home of Blaze authors. Includes a forum where you can chat with the authors.

South Australian Romance Writers

Regular contests and more.

Melbourne Romance Writers Guild

Longest running romance writing group in Victoria. Website has a number of useful articles freely available.

Romance Writers of New Zealand

Industry association for New Zealand (and overseas) romance writers. Articles, contests, links and more.


 Romance Writers of Australia

Australian association for romance writers. Articles, contests, links and more.

Romance Writers of America

I'm sure this site needs no explanation. It's the professional association for published and aspiring romance writers.

Romantic Science Fiction and Fantasy

Specific to the above subgenre. Has loads of related links.

Useful Links for Romance Writers and Readers

This is the links page of Jaclyn Reding's site. Unbelievable number of links listed.

Canadian Romance Author's Network

If you live in Canada, check out this website.

This site is devoted to all things category romance. Another one where you'll spend tons of time.



Historical Clothing:

The Regency Garderobe

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion

Fashion Era

Undergarments through the ages


The Kyoto Costume Institute's online database



Information on Regency Era

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

Authentic Old Fashioned Recipes
(Remember Mama's Recipes)


Scottish Dictionaries:


Additional historical and research information can be found on the research page at the Writer2Writer site by clicking here.


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Easy Way to Write Romance - by Rob Parnell