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Your daydreams could be worth a small fortune. Thanks to a booming $1.52 billion romance market -- and a ravenous audience -- publishers are now willing to pay $7,000 ... $24,000 ... 50,000 ... even for first-time writers! Even if you’ve never written a word of fiction?   


If you’re intrigued by the opportunity this market offers, take a few minutes to learn the secrets of this exciting and romantic way to “live the writer’s life.”


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The Easy Way to Write Romance Course

- conducted by Rob Parnell


Romance outsells all other fiction by a factor of 5 to I, but it's also one of the most difficult genres to break into. Why? Because the competition is enormous. The good news for you and me is that 90% of all romance manuscripts are reportedly terrible. This is because most new romance writers just don't understand the needs of publishers (magazine and book), agents and indeed, the reading public.

This course takes a refreshing new look into the genre. Click here to begin your career as a romance writer!

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 Easy Way to Write Romance by Rob Parnell 



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Easy Way to Write Romance - by Rob Parnell